About The Team

The Mulholland Ross Team consists of 4 Full Time Full Service Licensed Realtors and a helpful customer service and marketing team all dedicated to ensuring your next move is a smooth and enjoyable one - and your investment or sale, a profitable one! We realized soon into our career that for us to truly assist our clients at the highest level, we would have to focus our time on the few things that really make a difference - and find other great talent to work with that also had specialized skills to assist our clients.

The benefits of a highly motivated and skilled team provides our clients with the best possible service for every aspect of your home buying/selling and in
vesting experience.

Whether your buying your first home or selling your last - whether you're ready now or simply want to talk about your plans, we would love to hear from you. Our aim to start helping you even before you're ready - so that when you decide you'd like to make a move, you'll be fully prepared and you may want to hire us!

Meet The Mulhollandross Group:

Peter Mulholland | Owner/Sales Representative

Peter began a successful career in Real Estate sales in 1984. He started by concentrating on servicing the central North York area. With hard work and a commitment to his clients needs, Peter has acquired a long list of satisfied and loyal clients all over Toronto. Now in his 31st consecutive year of full-time real estate sales, he is very proud of his strong referral business, generated by those people who have passed along his name with positive recommendations.
Peter had the insight so many years ago that the Internet was real - he has developed a vast internet presences that helps expose our clients to the online buyers today.
Peter helps train and coach the team to ensure our clients receive the best service and the most effective representation for your next move.

Ora Ross | Owner/Sales Representative


 Ora was born and raised in North York (with a few years living in other awesome  areas of the city) and settled into the West Lansing community at Yonge and  Sheppard where she raised her family. Licensed in 1988, Ora witnessed the huge  boom in 1988 and worked through the change in 1989 where the market dropped over 40%. While this took many Realtors out of the business, Ora learned to thrive in every market. Her sales experience includes successfully assisting buyers and sellers with their real estate plans in a downward market (for those who remember 1989 to 1995) Now in her 28th year, Ora specializes in helping our clients with the sale of their family homes, investments and estates. Her motto 'its your home, it's important' runs very deep. Ora understands that your real estate plans can greatly effect your personal wealth - along with your life style. Both of which she takes insanely seriously! Her clients will tell you she is fun to work with yet swiftly gets down to business and is an aggressive yet fair negotiator. Email Ora  416.230.8500

Lauren Rhodes | Buyer Specialist/Sales Representative 

Lauren Rhodes is a life long North York resident and brings an exciting energy and enthusiasm to the Mulholland|Ross Team! She has a wonderful ability to help home buyers feel calm and focussed on their plans and ideas - and tirelessly assists our clients follow through on their real estate goals. Lauren’s ability to dig up any information on any property using modern technology as her resource has proven invaluable to her clients. She is a tenacious negotiator and clients appreciate her unwavering commitment to ‘make it happen!’ Lauren has been with the Group for over 5 years now - her clients consistently write notes of thanks and appreciation for all that she does! Email Lauren

Keisha London | Buyer Specialist/Sales Representative

Keisha is the person you want on your side if you are looking to make a move. Her knowledge of the GTA will make home buying a smooth process. Her kindness and willingness to go the extra mile for her clients is what makes them feel comfortable, during this normally stressful period of time. Keisha's ability to listen to her clients wants and needs, is what puts her ahead in finding you the perfect home! She is a great asset to the Mulholland Ross team and will be a great asset to you if you choose her to help you find your perfect home.  Email Keisha