Hillcrest Village homes in the North York district of Toronto are located south of Steeles Avenue East extending all the way to Finch Avenue. The eastern boundary is Victoria Park Avenue while Leslie Street defines the western limits. Don Mills Road bisects the neighbourhood as a major arterial road while Highway 404 cuts through the eastern part of the community.

The community is south of Markham and north of Don Valley Village. It is often mistakenly regarded as a section of Don Valley Village, but Hillcrest Village is distinct in terms of topography and demographics. Being located within the Don Valley gives Hillcrest Village its unique topography; hilly and heavily wooded in contrast to the rest of Toronto.

Parklands and green space abound in Hillcrest. Parks within the neighbourhood include McNichol, Willesden, Cresthaven, Duncan Creek and Zircon parks on the western half. Skymark, Cliffwood, Shawnee and McNicoll parks are located on the eastern half of Hillcrest Village.

The population is fairly mixed. There is a significant Chinese population, but other Asian groups including Koreans and Filipinos are finding a warm welcome in Hillcrest Village. Residents are predominantly of working age although seniors, children and young adults are well-represented in the community.

The housing mix in Hillcrest Village includes detached homes that could be anything from modest brick bungalows to suburban two-storey, semi-detached homes and townhouses on quiet streets in well-planned subdivisions. High-density housing in low-rise apartment buildings and stylish apartments in newer high-rises are located along Highway 404, Don Mills Road and Steeles Avenue.

Condominium apartments at the Classic of Skymark development near the Finch Avenue and Don Mills intersection have sumptuous views of the skyline and green space in the surrounding area.

Some of the schools within the community are Highland Junior High School, Alexander Y. Jackson Secondary School, Cliffwoods Public School and Seneca College of Applied Arts and Technology.

The regional shopping destination for Hillcrest Village residents is the multilevel Fairview Mall on Sheppard Avenue East and Highway 404. Restaurants and smaller retail districts can be found along major roads including Steeles Avenue and Don Mills Road.

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