Niagara Neighbourhood in Toronto
The Niagara real estate neighbourhood in Toronto’s west end is a historic neighbourhood that goes back to the late 1700s when the area was part of a military garrison. Its boundaries are Bathurst Street on the east, Queen Street West on the north, Atlantic Avenue and the railroad corridor on the south and western borders. The neighbourhood is named after Niagara Street, a north-to-east road that bisects the community.
The town of Niagara turned industrial in the late 1800s, stimulating housing developments for workers. Today, it is a mix of industrial complexes and residential developments. With the community being in close proximity to Toronto’s downtown core and the upscale Harbourfront community, residential projects dominate the landscape.
Niagara homes consist of high-rise condominiums, detached, semi-detached townhouses and converted loft apartments. Design influences are an eclectic mix of classical and contemporary touches. Traditional Toronto bay-and-gable homes sit alongside modest workman cottages, row houses, luxury towers and industrial conversions. The blending of old and new elements in structures that range from unpretentious to extravagant gives the Niagara community its unique ambiance.
Residents of Niagara congregate in Stanley Park, a multisport facility located near the corner of Bathurst and King. The park has a children’s playground on the north end. Soccer and baseball fields double as a dog park in the daytime. A multipurpose community center, tennis courts and an outdoor pool are part of Stanley Park’s public accommodations.
Area public schools include Niagara Street Junior Public School and Saint Mary Catholic School. These schools and others in the vicinity are part of the Toronto District School Board and the Toronto District Catholic School Board.
Fort York, significant for its central role in the War of 1812, has been preserved as a history museum. Art galleries and antique shops line Queen Street West along with bookstores, restaurants and clothes shops specializing in both vintage and modern garments.
Niagara is linked to neighbouring communities, including the Fashion District on Spadina Avenue and King Street, by streetcar service.
Niagara is an accessible and affordable community in the shadows of downtown Toronto.

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